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Woke up in the wrong side of Bed


Alright, today i just messed up. Like usual, I just play with my Laptop, phone and TV! and yesterday (i think) i discover Foster The People’s 2012 eras Song called “Houdini” and its made my day today! you know what shakin’? I FOUND A LOT OF THAT SWEET SONG COVERS MEIN GOTT! and i was just like ‘Foster The People is really hits the spot with this Song omg’ and after that i showed it to my brother (the covers, exactly. He didnt like the Original Version) and you know what? HE LIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all gotta check it out, this covers called ‘Houdini Loop’ by ‘The Safehouse Project’!

Alright, topic two. i think no story left for today. so a, thats for today! Thank you for Reading!


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